Leningrad in fall of 2016. Part 2. Details.

All crosswalks in SPb (as well as in the rest of Russia) are marked with zebras.

Meanwhile in Ukraine zebra is drawn only on unregulated crossroads, but crossroads with traffic lights are marked with just a dashed corridor. I was the cause of around five nearly-accidents because of it, when I (realizing my legal awareness) crossed the road, not noticing the red light. Drivers (being stopped by my inexorable hand) was too amazed with my impudence to honk.

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Leningrad in fall of 2016. Part 1.5. Concert.

At some point I found myself in a “Jagger” club which mascot was (attention) Mick Jagger. The club held rock-battle that day (quarter or semi-final). I couldn't miss that event.

There were three competitor bands which names I forgot. I named them as follows: “Generic Russian rock band”, “Evanescence Bizkit” and “Sons of Makarevich” (due to frontman's visual similarity to Russian rock star Andrey Makarevich). The history didn't save photographs of “Generic Russian rock band” performance for us, but trust me, they are really generic.

“Evanescence Bizkit” were young (hence incoherent) guys which didn't quite yet understand who they want to be like.

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