Nessa Framework

Why would I ever use it?

Gotta go fast

Framework delivers your ideas and business logic with a speed of a lightening.


Really easy to start rolling, yet still powerful and functional for complex projects.

Funny third section

One more stunning advantage.

What's under the hood?


Nessa unleashes the power of PHP 7 with strict typehinting, anonymous classes and unbelievable speed.

Modular architecture

Voltron assemble! Nessa MVC becomes a framework with a conjunction of numerous tool components and modules (also known as Batteries).

ORM Genna

Nessa is shipped with ORM and form engine Genna, which provides transparent DB access layer for majority of modern databases — MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB (more to come) — and input validation via form component.

Template engine Alix

Alix is low-level simple template engine which is similar to old-school Smarty syntax as well as classic PHP code. Everything you need for a fast solid start. If you would like to use any other template engine — Nessa supports Smarty, Twig and Fenom out of the box.

Another Zend Framework / Phalcon copycat?

Isn't it?