Textures and patterns of Altos de Chavón

On our way to Saona island we also visited pseudo-old city of Altos de Chavón. Point is this city was built from 1976 to 1992, but looks as if Columbus personally laid the city. Mixed impression, honestly. The city doesn't have a general idea. However, this lack of uniformity opens an unexpected advantage: a huge ton of beautiful textures and patterns underfoot and around.

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Short stories from Dominican Republic

I haven't had a proper vacation since 2015 (if not counting those I spent on university exams and St. Petersburg ethnographic trips), that last time was in Bulgaria, in Sunny Beach which lies between Burgas and Varna. That city was a slightly more european than Yevpatoria and Gursuf that I'd been many times before. That's why that city didn't enrich my cultural and ethnographic baggage.

All subsequent vacations, as I mentioned before, I spent in St. Petersburg, and quite naturally it resulted in my relocation to this city.

Nevertheless, one should have a proper rest, because burnout isn't a myth and always sneaks up unnoticed. Thus strategic decision was made: next vacation should be at sea. My cherished dream was Dominican Republic — don't know why, pretty photographs maybe like in that old Bounty ad.

And this is exactly what happened. I found a good adults only-hotel (didn't mean really, but cool) with nice and not very crowded beach. It turned out to be Punta Cana city (Bavaro area). During this vacation I found a new passion — papaya and basically spent the entire vacation quite hedonistically and just a little bit snobbish.

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